About us

FoamPRO® Mfg, Inc. was established in 1952 as a manufacturer of foam paint rollers and brushes, brooms, and mops. Initially selling mostly to local paint and hardware stores in Southern California.  We have since grown to become an international brand of high-quality foam paint rollers and accessories. With the introduction of our Finish Coater® and Finest Finish® Professional Painting Tools and our SOLVEX® brand of Industrial Coating Applicators, we continuously bring innovation to the forefront of the Paint Industry and provide customers with quality products that help them get the job done faster and better.

Everything we sell is still made in our own factory with the highest quality raw materials and quality-control standards. This ensures timely deliveries of superior quality products on a consistent basis. As we complete our 65th year in business, we are very proud of the reputation we have earned in the industry. If you are already a customer of ours, we thank you for your support. If you are a potential new customer, we welcome the opportunity to earn your business.